Massachusetts Anti-Casino Ballot Question Gets Nixed by State AG

Massachusetts Anti-Casino Ballot Question Gets Nixed by State AG

A citizens’ anti-gambling effort has been shot down by the State’s Attorney General

While the state of Massachusetts is gearing up for rapid expansion of gambling in the state, not everyone has been excited about the move. That’s why some anti-gambling activists there have actually developed a petition in an attempt to force a statewide vote on set up casino tasks will be able to move forward.

People who are against the casinos that are new able to gather enough signatures to send the ballot question forward to the lawyer general’s office. But unfortuitously for them, the state solicitor but a stop to the move, saying that the ballot concern would not be legal under the state’s ballot initiative process.

Constitutional Provisions Preclude Ballot Question

The ballot initiative process is covered by Article 48 under the current state Constitution. That article not only outlines the process for getting a relevant concern on the ballot, but also establishes exactly what can and may not be included in such questions. One of the rules for proposals claims that they cannot restrict an entity’s ‘right to get compensation for private property appropriated to public use’.

In accordance with state solicitor Peter Sacks, in the event that relevant question were to be approved by the public, thus closing the casino deals immediately, it could take the casino developers’ contract rights away without any settlement. It would also ‘impair the implied contracts’ between the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and the ones developers, who have already paid millions in application fees to the state. Continue reading “Massachusetts Anti-Casino Ballot Question Gets Nixed by State AG”